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Audi A7 autônomo: test-drive será realizado em Autobahn

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Na Alemanha, a Audi selecionou alguns clientes e fãs da montadora para testarem um modelo conceito da marca premium, o A7 autônomo. Mas, para a surpresa de todos: o test-drive será realizado na Autobahn - uma das mais famosas rodovias do país pelo fato de não existir limite de velocidade.

Audi A7 autônomo: test-drive será realizado em Autobahn

O test-drive acontecerá da seguinte forma: os clientes/fãs da marca sairão do Aeroporto de Munique e irão seguir pela rodovia em trafego normal, por cerca de 60 minutos, com um engenheiro da montadora no banco ao lado.

Audi A7 - news, price and photos

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Launched in 2003, the Mercedes-Benz CLS introduced the world to a sedan-coupe bodywork. It sold well around the world, arousing the envy of other manufacturers. With time, the novelty effect cooled, and sales. In Brazil, they have been falling every year: there were 142 units in 2008, 77 in 2009 and 13 in 2010. Though belatedly, Audi decided to enter the fray, with the brand new A7.

Late, but Audi has finally submitted its response to the CLS. The premiere was at the Paris Salon of 2010, in October. In May, the sedan-coupe goes on sale in Brazil. If not represent a revolution in automotive design, the A7 is at least one model lines capable of attracting much attention. Full, carries a great package of equipment, but nothing that any luxury car does not have the obligation to deliver, especially a German model.