Launched in 2003, the Mercedes-Benz CLS introduced the world to a sedan-coupe bodywork. It sold well around the world, arousing the envy of other manufacturers. With time, the novelty effect cooled, and sales. In Brazil, they have been falling every year: there were 142 units in 2008, 77 in 2009 and 13 in 2010. Though belatedly, Audi decided to enter the fray, with the brand new A7.

Late, but Audi has finally submitted its response to the CLS. The premiere was at the Paris Salon of 2010, in October. In May, the sedan-coupe goes on sale in Brazil. If not represent a revolution in automotive design, the A7 is at least one model lines capable of attracting much attention. Full, carries a great package of equipment, but nothing that any luxury car does not have the obligation to deliver, especially a German model.

With the key in his pocket, just a touch on the doorknob. The doors unlock and exterior mirrors (which were folded down) put themselves in position. Open the door. The seat and steering column, both with electric adjustments, pave way for the driver to more easily accommodate.

The game also dispenses with the introduction of the key and the button that starts and stops the engine is in the center console, right shift and away from the pilot. A retractable screen is a weapon in the middle panel.

It displays all the information of what Audi calls the MMI, or multimedia interface. With a rotary dial, you can select from your favorite radio stations to the level of suspension stiffness. High definition, anti-glare screen is picture perfect, even when playing DVD images from the magazine hidden in the glove compartment or camera gear.

Speaking of it, the A7 has a parking aid system that goes beyond imaging the back. External sensors measure the size of the job you want. If it is enough to get the car, a signal appears on the panel.

The driver confirms the intent of the maneuver and, from that moment, now controls only the pedals and gear, alternating between drive and reverse - the car itself takes on the task of turning the volante.Viu just like the A7 is full but not big surprise?

The most interesting devices are offered in two packages. The Advanced, 20 000 reais, includes Night Vision, Pre Sense Plus, Side Assist and adaptive cruise control. Simply put: thermal camera for display in places of low luminosity system that prepares the safety devices (such as ABS and airbags) on the verge of an accident, based on a detector warning light vehicles in blind spots and autopilot able to adjust speed according to the flow front.

There is a second set of 36 678 reais, replacing the sound system of American brand Bose by an even more powerful and high fidelity, Danish Bang & Olufsen, the same company that provides equipment for high-end cars from Mercedes- Benz, Aston Martin and BMW.

In Brazil, the Audi recognizes that superpacote audio is acquired for less than 5% of their customers. With taste and precision assembly, decorating the cabin gets leather and brushed aluminum.

False impression
It is the temperament of the A7 provoke strong emotions. His personality is more to demonstrate behavior "executive". But this has nothing to do with the idea that he is lazy or slow acceleration in the resume instead. The results obtained in our test track in Limeira (SP), shows good numbers in all dynamic tests.

Powered by a 3.0 V6 turbo of 300 hp, the A7 accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds. In evidence of recovery, the exchange and automated dual-clutch seven-speed V6 explored well: all measurements were below 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the impression is that the A7 to be somewhat slower result of the excellent work of the suspension.

Electronically assisted, it provides adjustment of rigidity in four levels, and the difference in performance between each of them is quite noticeable.

Presenting the A7, the brand was keen to emphasize the concern about the soundproofing. In practice, however, the treatment based on microfiber and special panels under the dashboard did not have an effect either. In our noise measurements, the German sedan 323 900 reais fared worse than the Kia Cadenza (see test on p. 62), a Korean sedan 119 900 reais.

Despite the extremely slanted column C and the cabin roof profile with continuous arc, the A7 has spacious interior. Even after there is good headroom. The trunk, which cover a huge glazed area combines the metal part, carries up to 535 liters of luggage. It's great, but as it is very long and shallow, difficult accommodation of tall objects.

Beautiful and complete, but lagging behind the wave of sedans, coupes of the post-CLS and without the same charm of novelty that has accompanied the latest releases from Audi - see the performance R8, RS 5 for the design and the cost-A4 benefit - the A7 may become, despite all its qualities as a right car at the wrong time.

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